Some people in life make comparisons with the other person. Doing this, they never truly appreciate the good about one and may always be hating the other one. Due to which, they preserve an extreme amount of negative energy in them and can be extremely hurtful.

They never truly rely on one person and have an easy tendency to give up on the person when the hard time comes. These people can make life hard and have a lack of trust. They may never appreciate the good in you as they have so many negative vibes in them. They may never tend to speak from the heart because they fear that someone might sense the darkness of their heart. They tend to keep their hearts dark and polluted as keeping negative thoughts about one becomes a habit. The worst thing is, whenever they see something positive and good, they quickly turn themselves away as it doesn’t seem to fit much to them. The other terrible thing about them is, they don’t know how harmful and horrible they are and also they are okay with it.

We tend to get the vibes of the person with whom we stick with. People like these are not supposed to be put close as you may as well adapt their vibes. This may turn you somehow into a person like them and you will always feel being in the dark. Assist them as much as you can help them to change. If you don’t think you ever can, then remember that no one stays the same. People change. It is only a matter of time. It is important to keep yourself away from getting those vibes.

Dear Santa, if I ever come to find such a person, please help me figure out and also assist me to deal with them.

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