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Let us heal our planet

Just as one person is enough to pollute a home, one person alone can’t keep the planet clean. It needs a collective effort from every individual to act, absorbing the trillions of tons of carbon that already exist in the atmosphere.

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There are so many actions that we can take to stop the carbon emissions and absorb the existing carbon from the atmosphere.

The best and easiest method known so far is plantation.

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If you are working to make the climate better, my helping hands will always be there for you in need.

Originally tweeted by Dinesh Kumar Roy (@iDineshRoy) on January 1, 2021.

The world moves on to using the internet more and more every day, and the number of data centers to serve web data is increasing every year by a huge amount.

At present, most of these data centers run on non-renewable energy. More than 40% of the power required is used for cooling these data centers.

If you’re a web developer or an entrepreneur, then I would highly recommend you to use the Green Web Hosts to host your websites that leave no carbon footprint on the atmosphere.

The number of Green Web Hosts must grow every day. To help them scale, we need to switch to the Green Web Hosts. Based on the convenience of my own use, I would recommend you the GreenGeeks.

Our only living planet has already shown plenty of symptoms of sickness. Let us not delay further. Let us join our hands in healing Mother Nature in any way we can.

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