Create a shared WiFi (hotspot) | Ubuntu | Linux

There are many ways to create a¬†hotspot in Ubuntu. But I want you to know the easiest way to create a hotspot in Ubuntu. Follow the steps: 1. Download kde5-nm-connection-editor from your software center. 2. Press Alt+F2 and type kde5-nm-connection-editor, click enter ¬† 3. You will see: 4. Click add and select Wi-Fi (shared) options:…… Continue reading Create a shared WiFi (hotspot) | Ubuntu | Linux

Easy 4 steps to re-install a grub | Ubuntu 14.04 | 15.04 | Fix Grub in Linux

Install bootable Ubuntu 14.04/15.04 (may be applicable to other versions too) in your pendrive. Try Ubuntu, open terminal and type the following commands. 1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair 2. sudo apt-get update 3. sudo apt-get install boot-repair 4. boot-repair Finally a window will come up showing that the repair has been completed.