Do you use Android? Cortana is there for you too!

You all know that Apple and Microsoft have wonderful voice assistants . There is Siri by Apple and Cortana by Microsoft.
Now there is Cortana for Android as well. If you want to download leaked Cortana for Android then please visit the following link:

Cortana is fun talking to!
Cortana is fun talking to!

The link will redirect to a MEGA cloud drive. You will not need an account to create in MEGA to download .apk file.

Well if you like cloud drives then you can create one in MEGA. It allows 50GB of free storage for the users.

By Dinesh Roy

I endorse everyone who is working for a cleaner and greener future. Earth is our home. Let's take care of our family and it's future by boycotting non-renewables as much as we can.

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