Create a shared WiFi (hotspot) | Ubuntu | Linux

There are many ways to create a hotspot in Ubuntu. But I want you to know the easiest way to create a hotspot in Ubuntu. Follow the steps:

1. Download kde5-nm-connection-editor from your software center.Screenshot from 2015-12-18 17-13-43

2. Press Alt+F2 and type kde5-nm-connection-editor, click enter


3. You will see:

4. Click add and select Wi-Fi (shared) options:Screenshot from 2015-12-18 17-19-08




5. Then you can change SSID (default will be: my_shared_connection) and can select any security options from the tab Wi-Fi Security.Screenshot from 2015-12-18 17-23-54



6. Find “Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network” from the top bar.


7. Click on the connection you just have made.

8. Your PC will be connected to the shared connection.Screenshot from 2015-12-18 17-27-37

9. Then you can connect other devices to the same shared connection.

10. Enjoy.

Note:* You can’t share the wireless connection if you are already connected to a WiFi. You need to connect your computer to a wired connection first.

If you have any problems regarding the WiFi sharing problems, leave a comment or you can ring me on +977 98421-26762.






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