Put the printer in the Network | General process applicable for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 | Make a printer accessible to many computers

Please follow the following steps:

1. Install printer’s driver in all the computers you want to put in a network.
2. All the computers must be on a network.
3. To make it sure, you can go to Network (click on start and then, search Network).
4. Make each computer accessible to the main computer in which the printer is connected.
5. Put the printer on sharing:
5.1. Open “Devices and Printer”.
5.2. Right-click on the printer you want to put on the share.
5.3. If there is “Share” option click on it or if not click on the “Printer Preferences”.
5.4. Go to share tab and click on the checkbox (tick) to put the printer on share with its default name.
5.5. Click on “Apply” then “OK”.
6. Open “Add printer” wizard (click on start button and then search “Add printer”/ you can search Devices and Printers as well and can click “Add printer” ).
7. The process of adding printer should be done on the main computer in which the printer is connected.
8. After completing the “Add printer” process go to the other computers (not the main computer) from which you want to access the printer.
9. Click on “Network”.
10. Double Click on the main computer shown in the Network.
11. You must find a printer and the shared drives/folders (if drives/folders are shared). If you cannot see any printer then your computers are not shared or the printer is not shared (if it shows drives/folders only).
12. Then you can Double click on the Printer you want to access.
13. A window will appear and later on you can see another window with black content.
14. Now the printer is permanently shared to that computer. You can undergo through the above processes to put the printer in share for other PCs as well.

Note:* If you still find problems in sharing the printer then please comment. I haven’t explained step 6, assuming that you can complete the process. It is easy, just give it a try.






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