शिक्षक हुँदाकाे अनुभव

I like teaching, so I teach students. It’s not like that I have to teach, but it’s much more like I want to teach. I feel tremendously very happy when I’m able to make students understand something. Their priceless thanking face when they understand things is what makes me happy. After teaching for many years I’ve come to know few things about how to make students understand in a better way. I’ll share some to you.

First thing is friendliness. Most of the students fear to ask questions when they can’t understand. It is because they think that they are going to be reprimanded badly. This usually happens when the teachers aren’t friendly and when they don’t encourage the students to ask questions. Teachers mustn’t bully the students who ask questions. Encouraging the students to ask questions can make the class very effective.

Second is confidence. The teachers must be very confident about what they are going to teach and how they are going to explain. Trying out easier ways to make the students understand are always helpful for students. Giving examples regarding the topic can make the students grasp the concept quickly.







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