Pity and Love

When you see some dad punishing his son/daughter physically, you feel bad like every normal person does. That is a pity feeling on him/her. Just because you’re feeling pity, you’ve no right to say that dad to stop punishing. Because you know nothing of what he is feeling. Well if you don’t know then, let me tell you, that’s love. No father beat their child to turn them into an evil person. You may easily tell the dad/mom to stop punishing their child, but you don’t know the after effect of it. Think carefully. You’ll know.

What if he is punishing his son for disobeying him for many times. What if he repeated the same mistakes even when he was admonished not to do it, many times. What if he is tired of telling his son with a soft voice so many times. If you will be a dad/mom, you will obviously get mad on your child. Let’s suppose, a son always goes to a place (a shop) to play carrom board where he is avoided not to go. Now you might thing, what’s wrong with playing carrom board. Well, it’s a nice game. Even their parents know that. But once think about why his parents are trying to avoid him to go there. There may be several reasons. A conscious parent always strives to avoid evil contacts when their child is not old enough to judge what is good or what is bad. The immature kids get an impression on their brain of whatever he/she hears. That is very natural. Well, in these cases, parents may punish their child in order to make them understand that it’s really bad to avoid them to go to such places.

If you stop the punishing parent, means showing love to the kid. In that situation only thing he needs is love and he gets that from you. But the same time he also realizes that his parent is doing something terrible that’s why someone else is stopping him/her. By doing so, he will never learn that he was being punished for doing something he shouldn’t do.

So, my humble request is, if you see a parent punishing his/her child, don’t interfere by stopping them. Well, if you can’t see it then, asking them why is he being punished will get the situation somehow better. Don’t encourage anyone to do evil things.

That’s how I feel about these things. You may have even better ways of parenting your child. Please share it to me as well in the comment. I’ll love to hear.






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