Solar City | Elon Musk | Tesla | SpaceX

If I have to tell you about the most innovative person of the 20th century then I will tell you Elon Musk. You might have heard of Tesla and SpaceX. If you haven’t then please google it, you will then know a lot more interesting things about him. CEO of huge electric car manufacturing company (Tesla) & aerospace manufacturer and space transport services (SpaceX) has come up with another concept of the Solar City.

He wants to utilize the clean energy coming from the sun rather than using the pollutinjapans_solar_cityg non-renewable energy resources. If you think about it in a broader way you will know that it’s a big step to make the planet earth clean, green and safe.

This is a picture of the solar city which uses a huge number of solar panels on the rooftop of every house. I don’t think this is ugly to use on our rooftops. I think spending a little more can be a huge contribution to the environment.

Let us say no to non-renewable sources of energy and contribute to keeping the earth safe. I really appreciate the work of Elon Musk. Do you?





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