Airlift Review | Akshay Kumar | Nimrat Kaur

The story of the movie Airlift is based on the true events. But the characters in the movie are fictional. Akshay Kumar plays Ranjit Katyal, a leader of 170,000 people to bring them back to India from the war zone (Kuwait 1990).
He successfully completes the operation by bringing up so many Indians back to India by negotiating with several political leaders. More than 400 Air India flights flew to lift all the people from the war zone safely. It is considered as the largest and most historic evacuation in the history.
Akshay Kumar plays his tough role in an amazing way. There are many scenes in the movie which thrills our heart. Nimrat Kaur beautifully plays a decent wife of Ranjit Katyal in the movie. The movie is very finely presented. In the ending scene of the movie, everyone shows a huge respect to the Indian flag and feel proud of their country.
I rate the movie 7 out of 10.






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