Before you host your website | Free Hosting

There are many paid hosting services. But here in Nepal, we can’t very easily have PayPal, MasterCard so we can’t make online payments. So most of the Nepali and those who don’t have access to their parents MasterCard/PayPal search for the free hosting services. There are many free web hosting services. But choosing the wrong one may cause a lot of trouble.

I had been using a popular free web hosting service 000webhost. It was alright. I had been using it for about a year for my blog. But when I started to post a lot and when the number of hits to my blog increased, without any warning 000webhost suspended my blog (with a message: 20%+ CPU usage). I could access my control panel only if I paid for it. Luckily I had backed up my data a few days ago. So I did lose 5 of my blog posts. I could have accessed my files if I had saved username and password for FTP access. So I will recommend you not to host in the 000webhost.

Right now, I’m hosting my blog in a It’s just been a few days. The UI is cool. Everything looks alright. I hope it will support me.





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