Indian Academy Awards

There have been many awards functions. And we all know Academy is the biggest. But the Academy only focuses on the Hollywood movie industry. Only one movie from India is selected for the nomination in Foreign category of Oscars. As Indian Cinema is the world’s oldest movie making cinema, they want to have more audience from the globe. Recently there had been a conference of Indian Academy Awards. Shah Rukh Khan has recently unveiled the Indian Academy Trophy.

It is said that the Indian Academy Awards will be held in the United States. They will nominate and award the movies not only of Bollywood but also of Tollywood and Hollywood. They also say that it’s not a clone of Academy Awards which has been existing for decades. Awards always encourage one to do better. So many makers will get to learn from movies of different industry. But what I think is, the viewers of the Bollywood and Tollywood is extremely high. And we know that Music industry is more popular in the United States than the movie industry. So there are very few viewers of the movies in the US as compared to in India. Hence there will be very few people in the US who may enjoy the Bollywood and Tollywood movies. There are millions of Indian audience who enjoy the movies. We know that it is a very populated country in the world. As the Hollywood movies are better in many ways, there is more probability of the Indian viewers to get involved in seeing the Hollywood movies rather than the Bollywood and Tollywood movies. What I think will happen for sure is, the viewers of Bollywood and Tollywood movies will want to watch the Hollywood and the viewers for the Indian movie industry will decrease.

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