The Meat | A Short Nepali Film | Review


It is a short movie by Shunya Prakampit and Nitesh Kumar Roy. The story is about a frustrated student Shunya. He is worried about his marks. He had appeared in an oral examination (viva). He was doing fine. The external examiner was impressed by his answer. But, a moment later, a teacher (Khadga) of his medical college enters and accuses him of being absent in the class, for drug addictions, etc. The external then gets a terrible impression of him.
He talks about his viva with his roommate Roy. Roy tells him to forget about it. But he shouts with rage that he will chop the teacher’s (Khadga’s) head off, cut him into pieces and distribute the meat to all his friends of the hostel. It looks like Roy didn’t believe that he will do it. But he brings the meat, cooks on his own and tells Roy to eat. Shunya goes out.
Roy receives a phone call as he was eating. A friend on the phone tells him about the suspicious murder of the teacher (Khadga). Surprised Roy recalls his conversation with Shunya and he rushes into the bathroom and pukes. Shunya goes to the rooftop of the hostel and thinks about what the teacher had said earlier. He remembers the teacher telling that there will be very tough days in the hostel. Some days you may even think why you’ve come here. You may get into terrible situations. You must be very tolerant. There will always be two ways to choose. You will need to make decisions on your own about which way to choose. Shunya regrets.


The movie has successfully presented its strong content and delivers a good message. We can learn from the crimes committed by the Shunya. It shows us that we can get into very terrible situations in life. The tough decisions that we make determine us. Music in the movie has helped a lot for the feel of thrill. The camera work looks wonderful. They have flawlessly presented the content of the movie. The animation of Infinero Arts in the beginning, is fun to watch. It looks like they have combined Infinity and Zero for the name Infinero. I must say it is an amazing debut by Nitesh Kumar Roy and Shunya Prakampit. Good luck for the upcoming projects. I rate it 8 out of 10.
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