Dangal | Box Office Analysis

There are few Family/Drama movies in Hindi cinema which have done good business so far at the box office. But Dangal is creating a history in the box office. One of the obvious reason is that a megastar Aamir Khan stars in the movie. But there are many other reasons as well due to which the movie is doing great at the worldwide box office.

Few weeks before the movie release, a “Fat to Fit” video was released showing how the Aamir Khan worked out to play two different aged people in a movie. The release of “Fat to Fit” video increased the worldwide gossips about the movie. Many of the people around the globe were excited to watch the dedication of the Aamir Khan for his role.

As the movie is about the true life of Mahabir Singh Phogat training his daughter to wrestle to get the gold medal, many of them wanted to see the journey about how his dream came true.

Whenever the girls like it, the popularity grows remarkably. The movie is about the girls dream come true. This is also why the movie is doing great at the box office.

The opening day gross was below 30 crores. But the opening day reviews were amazing. Due to which the movie did great in the next days.

None of the days of the first-week gross was less than 20 crore. It still is doing amazing at the box office. The movie is truly an inspiration to the viewer so, I recommend everyone to watch the movie. You will walk out of the theater with a lot of positive vibes. I hope it does great at the box office.






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