Kangana Ranaut | Hrithik Roshan Controversies

Before I write anything about these big stars, I must say I’m a huge fan of both Kangana and Hrithik. I’d been hearing much news about Kangana speaking about the emails that had been sent to Hrithik from her account. I was not sure what actually was going on. The whole news was always one sided because Kangana was only one who used to speak about the controversies. Hrithik always remained silent. After hearing so many news about the affairs between Kangana and Hrithik, I thought that Kangana is doing something wrong by exposing all the internal personal matters to the public. I thought that she is going to regret this a lot. Because she was just killing the image of huge star Hrithik.

But after I watched Kangana’s interview on Aap Ki Adalat, I was shocked to know why she used to talk so much about it. She had been through a lot of pressure. I came to know that. When she repeated, “They are very rich”, she meant many things. You will understand everything about the controversy after watching the video. I heartily appreciate her strength. She inspired me. No one should fear to face the truth. I admire her courage. I hope she gets over it.






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