Experiencing trains in Melbourne

The first thought when I saw the train was, “What the heck!?” It exactly arrived on time just as it appeared in the PTV application and also just as the speaker had announced. I mean no 15-20 mins delay! Wow. Everything was so well synchronized. Ok, forget about that long delays, but I had expected at least 2 mins delay man. It shook me when the train started moving right after we entered. I hadn’t reached to my seat until then. It stopped for almost no time.

Momentarily I realized that we couldn’t open the windows. I mean, completely sealed windows. Couldn’t even feel the storm outside. And more surprising thing was, no one had to climb in windows of moving train, take their handkerchief out, place it on the seats before entering the trains to book the seats. I mean, what the heck! This felt so different to me. I was so blown off when I didn’t see anyone getting off the railway tracks to go to the other side of the platform to enter inside the metro. In that huge crowd, while getting on/off the train, no one was shouting at each other, or pushing each other. How could no one have a bad day? Why aren’t women yelling for being in the crowd for so long? So many questions were striking my head every moment. They frequently used, “Sorry!”, “No worries”, “Thanks mate” instead. I felt I was outta this world. They felt so different human beings to me.

Let me tell you one short incident. One day, I was waiting for the train to arrive. I was in a group of a few strangers, and all were male. The train arrived. Meanwhile, a beautiful girl came just before we stepped in. And guess what, all the boys stopped, moved aside and were like, “after you”. I was surprised again. I mean, not a single boy teased her but every single one of them treated her with respect and asked her to get in at first. Well, what to say, I had a different kind of experiences!

There are amazing souls here. I’m sure they’ll surprise me and teach me new things in the coming days too.






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