My new sister | Sofia

The first day when I said hi, she was very shy but replied “hey” back in a very low voice. That’s all the conversation I had in the first meet. A few days later my boss (her dad) called me again to work for him at his home. My boss was moving to a new house. So he called me to help him. That’s when I saw her for the second time. She again looked so pretty that I wanted to talk to her. Actually, a lot of things, I wanted to ask her. I’m not sure whether I was curious to know about her family or about her school life. But a little chat was all I wanted. Not always, but I think I love kids.

It turned me very upset when I didn’t see much enthusiasm in her to talk to me in the beginning. But, I was surprised to see her peeking from the door and making sounds to seek my attention when I didn’t look back at her to respond with a smile. Momentarily, we started to have short chats. And I got to know a lot about her, about her family, school and all.

Once she asked if, about my siblings and when she knew that I don’t have sisters, she said, “Ohh! Then I’m your sister, okay?” Well, that was really exciting to have a sweet sister like her. I said, yeah sure. And after that, I was hardly called “Hey mister!”, but “hey brother” more often. Once in a while, she used to come and see me just to say “hey brother”! If I couldn’t respond back to her, sometimes, she used to repeat “hey brother, hey brother” until I responded back.

It’s really lovely to have her around. Whenever I’m away for a few hours, she tells that missed me. Once, I was gone just for a few hours to another working site, and after I returned back, rushing to the front of the doorway of the van, she said: “Hey brother, where had you been? We’ve been waiting for you all day! You were gone for ages.” Such inexplicably heartwarming words to hear. It made my day.

Angel, Sofia, and Isabella (Left to Right) playing with slime

She has given me a shell to remember her, which her sister Angel had given to her from the beach. Sofia always has so many things to tell. Whenever I take a moment out to talk to her, she starts telling me about so many things whichever she finds relatable to it.

Angel, Sofia’s elder sister is another amazing sister. She talks in a very enthusiastically calm way. I like the way she responds to any question she is asked. Once, she asked me if I like McDonald’s food or not. After I said, yes she asked me my favorite food. I said it’s burgers and asked what’s her’s. She took a pause, thought for a moment and said, “Actually, I don’t have any favorite food from McDonald’s.” I was surprised thinking why did she ask the favorite food of mine if she didn’t want to share about her’s. But, my amusement about it didn’t last long when she said, “Actually, one of my friends had got worms from McDonald’s for her lunch. She ate it all. Ewww… it was so disgusting.”

Angel’s voice is really different. Once, I said to her that I’ve posted her picture on Instagram, then she said, “I’ve taken your picture too and now I’ll post it on Instagram and everyone will see it. Your parents, friends, everyone… It will be all over the internet. It will be viral.”, in her own cute chubby angel voice.







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