Well of Darkness

If someone wants to stress you. Do the opposite. Don’t be stressed at all. Because willing to stress isn’t good. If you have tried telling that this habit isn’t good. Then be sure. Your words will be ignored again. You must change this habit by your actions. This will make others fail for their wrong actions. And their wrong actions should fail. If they succeed in getting you angry. It’s a great motivation for them. They’ll continue this again. Just be happy. Don’t get angry. Divert your focus to other important things. Think about some other things which you must do. Otherwise, that will stress you more. For not being able to get those things done.

I know it’s hard to get out of the well of stress. It feels like you’re doing something wrong. You still need to do some more things to make it right. But, be sure. You’ve done enough. You’ve always put a lot of efforts to make it right. But no. They’ve sensed that you’re gonna try to make things right. But it’s already right for them. They’re cool about what they’re doing. Change your actions. It will change their habit.

Remember, words don’t make sense in many cases. Your action does. You need yourself more than anyone else. Don’t expect anyone to make you feel better. Only you can do that. Yeah, only you. You yourself are responsible for what situations you are in. Don’t blame anyone else for that. Don’t blame others. Stay positive. Things always get better. Just keep yourself in a good mood. Be good to everyone. The world will surprise you.






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