I wish

I wish I had thought one more time about how I’d feel next. I wish the internet was down for a moment. I wish something had stopped me write that. Just one little correction would’ve changed how I feel now. Not at the moment, but the thoughts that would come always in the days after. I had no plans for it. I had never thought about how I should be appreciating it. I had never thought that it is gonna come suddenly like this. Just one minute of thinking is all I had needed. But, I ruined it, in such a way, that I can’t feel better.

Not appreciating it at the moment, but trying to make it up after a while turned out to be a bigger mistake. And the things started to get messy. But it had to be controlled. By none other than me. Even though I pulled the clutch, and got everything calmed down, the heart regrets that moment. It feels that it could’ve been better. It feels like, I would’ve been having a better time.

Now, I can’t try to make up or attempt to tell that I should’ve done it in a different way. It would go worse and things would get even messier. At this moment, with the regret-filled in my heart, I wish I had a time machine. I would have gone back to that particular moment and would’ve changed what I unknowingly did to plant a regret in my heart. I wish I could’ve made it better. I¬†wish I had that moment back again. I wish.







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