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Bike: An easy way to start

It’s always hard to find a job. Even in Melbourne, you can’t easily get a job, if you don’t have anyone to refer you. So, one of the best possible options is to get partnered with Uber.

As there’s no need to worry about the license, Uber Eats (food delivery) from bicycles (commonly termed as bike here) is one of the best options.

Sign up and go

If you want to do the deliveries, well, the first thing that you have to do is to register an account on the Uber Driver app and complete all the procedures. The verification may take up to 2/3 days which also includes police check. If all these procedures are overwhelming to you then, you can go to the nearest Greenlight Hub to get all the registration processes completed in one day. They still might ask for an additional day if the police check takes time to complete.

Even if you register from the app, you must visit the Greenlight Hub at least once to get your Uber heat bag. Uber will deduct $35 from your Uber balance for the bag, but only after the few weeks of Ubering.

Once you get the bag, your account will be ready. You can go online on the app and can accept the trips. But, if you still are having issues with going online then it probably may be the issue with the final activation of the account. You can call Greenlight Hub (1300091272) to fix your issue. You can call them regarding any other issues if you have during the registration process. They may put you on the hold as they fix your problem and will not hang up unless your problem is solved.

Best Spots

After all this, you’ll want to have continuous trips. No one wants to wait for a long time after completing the trip. Well, there are many places where you can find trips without long delays. Some popular places to get multiple trips requests are South Yarra, St Kilda, Coburg, Brunswick, City, Richmond, and many places close to the city.

How much you make

When you’ll be getting paid, the amount you receive will vary for every trip. Normally it varies from (A$5.5-A$10). For shorter trips, you’ll receive smaller amounts whereas, for longer trips, you’ll receive more amount. An important thing to remember is, you won’t be paid for the pickups. You’ll be paid only for your deliveries. If you get a request for a long pickup, then don’t expect to get a larger payment from Uber. Payment matters only for the distance of deliveries.

If you are doing on a bicycle, then obviously, you’ll get shorter trips. In the long run, you’ll know that it is always better to get multiple short trips rather than getting a few long trips.

Usually, the trips you will get will range from (1-2.5)km. For this range, you’ll be paid A$(6-7.5). For the trips longer than 3 km, you’ll be paid more than A$8.

Being a student, you must consider the time limitations. You shouldn’t stay online for more than 20 hrs a week. There have been several incidents of students being deported for Ubering more than the limit. As you can do only 20 hrs a week, you shouldn’t expect being paid much from Uber. If you’re doing it in a busy area then you’ll be able to make about (A$340-A$450) in a week for utilizing 20 hrs.

Make yourselves easy

Ubering at the same place can eventually be very easy. You’ll remember the name of restaurants and the popular streets around. The familiarity will make you convenient to find the restaurants and destinations from the easy paths without stressing to follow the navigation from the phone.

If you have any more questions regarding the Uber, then please leave it in the comments. I’ll be glad to share my experience with you.







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