I’m not a good reader but

There have been a very few blogs that I love reading but, I don’t consider myself as a good reader as I don’t read much on a regular basis. Even when I do, I don’t visit the same websites. I don’t follow up the same blog again to read the new articles even when I like some that come across. Yes, the Google News, that shows up when I’m using Google Assistant is what I go through regularly. But again, that doesn’t show up the articles from the same website, not always.

But recently, what I’ve been going through regularly is andisift.com. I visit the website to check out the new articles. Whenever I see some recent posts and if the category of the title interests me enough, then I go through it immediately. I want to admit that I have read many posts on this website but not all of it, even though I like it in several ways. I like it as the posts on it broadens the picture of perception about several things. It implants a new strikingly positive thought about the issues that matter. It presents the fact in such a way that the words that are contained, give goosebumps throughout the body. The body shakes as the flow pinches and the words don’t fail to make myself think about my integrity.

Whenever I feel the need to dive into the world, where I can enlarge my perception, I take my tablet out, open up Google Chrome and go through the blog: And I Sift. In no time, I find myself sifting to the mindset where I can think more. And my confidence feels increased, in some unknowing way.

Out of the several posts that I’ve liked reading, I’d like to mention some of my favorites.
1. The Art of Harassing a Girl without Even Knowing It
2. The Murderous Silence (A Short Story)
3. Lies for Sale






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