How is this not slaughtering?

After the US breaking ties with the Chinese company Huawei, people are not buying Mate 30 Pro (the latest model smartphone with great features). They have fear. They fear that they might lack support from the Android in coming days after they buy it. And the fear is true. Google will stop providing its services to Huawei phones. And that’s undeniably true. Not just the tie between Google and Huawei has been broken, but also all the trade ties between the US companies with the Huawei have been broken.

This is not just cruelty. This is like slaughtering. Over 100,000 will lose their jobs if Huawei fails to rise. The competition in the tech-industry will slow down. And undoubtedly there will be a tremendous impact in the tech-revolution.

Even the Microsoft will not be providing Windows OS in the Huawei laptops. There will be no trade of Networking devices of Huawei in the US and many more. All this has created a big challenge to face for the Huawei. And all we can do is, sit back and wait how Huawei is going to face this.






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