Girls are safe here | Australia

It must be heart-wrenching for parents to let their daughters leave their home. Letting their sons go, doesn’t matter much, but daughters are always more endearing to the parents. Not just because they show a lot of love for their parents, but also because daughters are supposed needing a lot of support. Most of the parents can’t even think of letting their daughter let their home leave because they can’t imagine that their daughters will be able to take all the responsibility on her own and will be able to take good care of herself. It needs a lot of courage to allow the daughters to leave. I salute the parents who can let their daughters go away from their home to let them live their dreams.

But, things are quite different here. Parents shouldn’t worry much to allow their daughters to go to Australia. I’m not aware of the situations and the regulations in other countries, but what I can assure you is that the girls are very safe here in Australia. A lot safe than the parents could imagine. The behavior of the girls reflects the freedom and their confidence for life. Whether they walk or talk or stand or do anything, they do it with confidence. Even when the girl says she wants to go to the city in the midnight, their parents wouldn’t mind her to allow. Because that’s safe. She can feel safe wherever she goes. Police and all the security officers handle it quite well. Even in the middle of the park, if the girl is walking alone, she may not even notice but the protective officers keep an eye on her. They might slowly move along with their vehicle with them or walk unnoticeably, but they ensure that she walks safely. If the girl is waiting for a train, alone, and is surrounded by some guys afterward. In no time, the officers come to have a friendly conversation with the boys and the girl to ensure her safety. In the train, not a single girl can be abused. They have a surveillance camera installed in every carriage that tracks what is going on. And whenever there is some possibility of the occurrence of any issue, in no time the officers get inside to ensure their safety (by getting in the train in the next station).

There have been several incidents that I’ve noticed so far in this short period of time which made me have a strong faith in the Australian security. I trust, not just the security personnel but also the people here, who are so warm and welcoming.

Dear parents, if you have any fear to send your daughter to Australia, then please don’t make this fear a reason to make an excuse to have lesser faith in them. If your daughters are here then, please don’t worry, they are a lot safer than they could’ve been in their home country (Nepal or India).






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