The Third Wave

He was so sure about what is going to happen. He was so concerned about it and wanted us to be careful about the third wave. He cared to tell that to us in the very last lecture with all the importance that he could. He wanted us to be very aware of it. He wanted us to be strong and very prepared about it. Maybe he had been through all those waves. All his genuine worry got stuck in my mind. And that was the last lecture to us by Dr. Motahar.

It was the last class of the second semester. And it wasn’t even my class to attend. I had (kind of) attended all my classes for that day and I was just there to accompany my friend. As Dr. Motahar also had been our lecturer for a few weeks before our routines changed, at the beginning of the second semester, I knew him well. He always had very inspiring contents to share during his lectures. He always had something very helpful for us to keep our energy up and make us stay awake in the class. Well, actually the things that he always shared were so inspiring, energetic and time-relevant that there were no chances of me falling asleep. I used to be so focused in his class that I don’t even remember anyone else taking naps or talking shit in the class (which is very common in other lecturers). All I remember is a peaceful class with just his very typical English accent voice telling us amazing things.

He was enjoying his job. His face always said that all. He could keep the class so engaging that just by the end of the class, all I used to be left was with the superfluous amount of energy inside me. It felt like I’ve got a strong focus back in my life. This is what I was striving for and always wanted. I just felt so much gratitude to listen to his words.

He had shown us a video from the movie Cast Away. I already had watched that movie. Just one more friend (Sushil) in the whole class had watched that movie. I was so surprised to know that, how come so many of them have missed such a popular Tom Hanks’ movie. That felt a little weird as well.

[Spoiler Alert] Well, the clip is from the scene when Hanks tries to sail off from the Island where he was stuck for years. He had made a wooden boat and was trying his best to cross off the high waves which had got him stuck to sail to the other parts away from the Island. He related the three waves that the Hanks faces to be similar to the waves which we could face in our real life.

The first wave would be small he said. That would be your friends and close ones, who would tell you that you won’t be able to do it. This is not doable by you. Don’t even try. These words will act as your first wave which will try to stop you to go towards your ambition.

The second wave will be the words from your family who will be impatient to wait and will be afraid that you’ll get disappointments instead of the achievements after the wait, he said. Going against their desires would be difficult and making attempts to convince them would be inexplicable.

These two waves are no big challenges to overcome he said. As some can be talked out and some can be avoided, this won’t be any big deal for you to pass through the first two waves. The support from others can also help you go through the first two waves.

Challenging one is the third wave. You’ll be all alone to cross this wave. This is so powerful that it can consume you very easily. You’ll give up on everything that you’ve been through and will forget what you’ve achieved so far. You’d be so close, but instead of working hard for it, you’d give up on everything just because of this wave. Whatever you’ve done for it will feel like a waste of time for you and all you’d want to do is get out of that ambition that makes no sense in your life. And the wave is called: Noise In The Head







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