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Dear Google,

Please don’t launch Pixel 4 if the battery is under 4000mAh. If there’s any reason that I’m going to upgrade my phone, then the most important one is the battery. I’m so done with Pixel 3’s battery. It doesn’t even last all day. If I take some pictures when I’m out, then, that’s it. The battery will drain by 20-30% in no time. Okay, I know that Pixel is praised for its camera. But, how am I supposed to take the pictures if I can’t even take enough pictures with it? It has got a good feature but it’s of no use.

When I had switched back from Redmi Note 4 to Pixel 3, I was in shock. The way the battery drained was crazy. At first, I thought that there must be some kind of problem with my phone specifically. Then, I started to read the reviews. I even made a call to Google support. They accessed my phone remotely and observed everything. Everything seemed pretty much fine to them. “Fine”. I mean, how can it feel fine to them. I had to worry about charging the phone more than using it. I felt like I had never appreciated enough the battery of Redmi Note 4. Sometimes, even now I turn it on, just to feel the performance of battery beast.

Let me tell you about a short incident. I had recently purchased the Pixel 3 phone. I charged it to full. It was mid-day. I left to do Uber Eats on my bicycle. I did deliveries for about 4 hours nearby Melbourne CBD. When I had a look at the battery level of my phone, I was in a deep shock. 20%. I had no other options but to return. Then I Googled the nearest railway station and followed the maps to return. After 10 minutes of cycling, I checked my phone back again, it was under 10%. I had to ride over 2 km. I couldn’t have made 100 meters in the city without the maps, as I was new here. I wasn’t sure if I could make it to the train station or not.

On the way, I stopped by to charge my phone in a small store, but all of them were iPhone users. I came out and continued following the map. In no time my battery ran out and I had no idea where to go. A moment later a man showed me the direction (go straight and take right). But he didn’t tell when I should take the right turn. I was getting nervous. I continued straight and I didn’t even realize when I ended up in the Freeway. I cycled for over 15 mins to find an exit. That was one of the scariest days of my life. The big vehicle of “Incident Management” got me out of there. He took me to the police station and I had to pay a fine of A$161.

That’s because I had a concept that, the phone usually lasts all day.

We’ve come to know some new features, that Pixel 4 will have a new sensor, dual real-cameras and so many. But apart from all these, the only thing that I’m waiting for is to officially reveal the battery capacity. None of these features would come to use if the battery is not good enough. I hope you don’t launch the phone with the crap battery again.

A Pixel 3 User





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