Benefits of She Calling You दाइ First

Well, if you have not wondered about the benefits of you being called “दाइ” then, I must say there are plenty of ’em. I’ve mentioned some below:

  1. It takes the burden off of your head as you don’t have to bother about her feeling offended (or kinda rejected or may be disrespected) when you call her “बैनी, बुनु” first
  2. It gives you a clear pathway to communicate as you can address her as “तिमी” during the conversations
  3. You don’t have to bother much as you talk if the sentence begins with “बैनी, सुन”
  4. It is a freedom of having a sister already as a surprise (if you don’t have one)
  5. It is easier to be a brother then to speak as a stranger
  6. You can show your care as you’re giving her some advice and brotherly suggestions are so cool
  7. If suddenly she yells yet you or speaks in a louder voice, you don’t feel mad at all as you may would if she were a stranger
  8. Opening up to a sister is always so easy, you actually can have some conversations that can take the weight off your heart
  9. There’s always a lot to learn about how the human brain works 😉 from the sisterly advice
  10. Being a brother also gives you a right to scold (if necessary) and direct the conversation in better ways


There are loads of others as well. I’d not mind if you’d put some down in the comments. Thank you already.







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