My Privacy and Google

I think people don’t like surprises. More when it is concerned about their privacy.

I know how Google takes all my data every day from the keywords that I use in the search, to the contents that I watch on Google platforms every day.

I know what I get in return:

  • More customized news, suggestions, and ads

We are more likely to expect a good deal of respect when we share our feelings with someone. We expect a good deal of understanding from someone who gets the information. People sometimes around us fail to do so but, Google so far has been a step ahead. Every morning as I wake up, I get to see what I want to see. The news that shows up, the finances that I care about, the suggestions that I get as I’m browsing the videos, the recommendations of ads in the web pages, the news that matters more than anything in the present time is all fascinating to me.

Apart from Google, there are so many other Softwares that I’ve been using. I enter the keywords multiple times as I go through. But they seem to have any respect for me even after I feed so much data to them. For instance, I don’t get to hear more customized songs playlists from Spotify though it has so much of my data. After searching and listening to music a lot, it can’t even queue up a good next song based on what I’ve heard. All the data seems wasted. Unlike Spotify, I listen to the song on YouTube as well. It never makes me skip the other one. That’s how Google is a step ahead.

The user experience would be a lot better if Google would figure out more ways to obtain all the possible data from everyday life, from every moment we are. Sharing everything to Google feels like me knowing everything about myself.

For the tech company which has dedicated itself to organize the data to make more sense, I want to tell that: all my data is yours. Figure out more ways to know me. I’m happy to open up myself to you.







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