You can’t destroy Ellen

The amount of positivity that Ellen has spread will take your life to cause a fraction of harm to her.
Let’s do a bit of analysis for the accusations made against her.

Her producers were involved in sexual harassment on the show.

She doesn’t have to take all the blame for that.

She was mean to some celebrities.

People do extremely horrible things in life when they’re in a bad mood. She was just mean. Sometimes.

James Corden’s show rating is going up.

Why would it refer that someone going up can take her showdown? It’s like saying Elon is getting richer, now the Bezos’ time is over.?

She didn’t speak out against the toxic environment in the show.

She might have. It’s about how much she did. If you say she didn’t then, I’m sorry, you’re dumb.
In short. Donating $2 per tweet to some charity for every bit of harassment that Ellen has ever done, can’t collect as much as donating $0.001 per lies Trump has ever spoken would.
You may destroy yourselves in an attempt to destroy her, but still won’t be able to cause any harm to her.
Here’s a link to a video where they talk shit about her and which is like a brainless analysis.





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