An outsider’s analysis of Trump’s presidency

Many small countries look up the USA as a country on which they can count on. Either it is about the decisions, rules, regulations, or any changes that are made in the USA, the same is followed by several other countries.

It is the same as passing the knowledge to others.

Lately, the president of the USA, Donald J. Trump has made so many decisions that have impacted several organizations that are operating globally and some within the USA.

The decisions have been followed by many other countries and things got worse.

Huawei ban

Huawei is a big tech giant that has been making several electronic products and selling globally. The ban that took place in the USA not only impacted Huawei but also Google, and Microsoft which is the software partner for its several electronics.

Huawei is now working on its mobile operating system which is a step towards independence and also a tremendous loss for Google.

The cruel action that was taken by Donald Trump has been proven wrong.

Being mean to the others

Leaders are the one who is looked upon by the followers. 

President Trump’s meanness and cruel behavior against many foreign countries brought division among the people. The way he treated the immigrants was horrible. His followers were the same.

That is a major cause of division in the United States.

Even after being the president of the United States, Trump was consistently mean to the democrats. That doesn’t make any sense when he is in charge of everything to bring the major impact.

Being narcissistic

If someone other than him is trending on the news, he tweets and says horrible things about him/her referring “not worthy of such praise”.

He doesn’t like any other news channel other than Fox News, because that’s the only Indian-like news channel that supports Trump all the time, no matter what Trump says.

Not liking to be a president

Trump has clearly said that he doesn’t like the job due to overloaded schedules. He mentions missing his old days. That also resembles what Obama said during the DNC: “Our president has shown no interest to take the job seriously.”

Slams by nasty words

Instead of coming with some valid points for argument, Trump calls people (democratic opponents) nasty, very very nasty, crooked, and many more.

During his first presidential campaign, Trump said: Crooked Hillary

Now, he says: Nasty Harris (to the current 2020 VP nominee Kamala Harris)

Such a childish behavior.

Bad with the reporters

He is generally very bad in reporting and keeps on bragging about himself and always tells that “We didn’t get any credit for this or that”.

He sometimes allows reporters if they agree to ask a simple question. After the question, instead of answering it, he childishly says, “You said that you’re gonna ask me a very simple question. But, this isn’t a simple question. I don’t like this question. I don’t like it.”

And sometimes even avoids answering at all.

Supports horrible people

Trump has said many times how much he loves “Mike Pence” or “Rudy Juliani” or any other Trump supporter.

I don’t have much problem with Trump in supporting Mike or Rudy.

But, I do find it horrible when he supports “Roger Ailes” kind of people, referring “The Great Roger Ailes”.

If you haven’t watched “Bombshell” then let me tell you who Roger Ailes is. Roger Ailes is a horrible sex addict who had been abusing the workers in Fox News by forcing them in the sexual activities.

He is fired from Fox News and is no more in any role of the organization.

China Virus

He claims that China is the only country that has to be blamed for spreading the Coronavirus. Trump

  • downplayed the virus for too long
  • encouraged the people that the disease can’t cause any significant harm to the people
  • said that he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine
  • said that the health officials aren’t agreeing to what I say. They are horrible people and are wrong.
  • instead of taking any major actions to prevent the spread, he continuously said that he wanted to go out in the rallies and misses the rallies
  • cared about the financial graph when the Americans were losing lives
  • went out to Golf when the USA was performing worst of all nations in controlling the spread
  • didn’t wear a mask and neither encouraged any citizens to wear a mask
  • lied about wearing the mask
  • lied telling the virus will go away itself
  • lied telling that we are doing the best in controlling the virus
  • blamed China every time he was questioned about his responsibility to handle the virus

As an outsider, I’ve always considered the USA as the nation that values the life of its citizen the most. I’ve seen how the value of every life of a US citizen is shown in the movies. That’s the level of respect that I had towards the Americans.

Trump handling the virus has proven how worthless the life of American is to him. And the day when he was talking about trading Puerto Rico with Greenland, just because the people in Puerto Rico are poor, I was astonished.

For me, Trump is a person with no:

  • empathy
  • sense of humor
  • love
  • understanding of what Science is
  • understanding of what good foreign relationship should be

If I consider any of the biggest mistakes that Americans have ever done, then it’s not other than electing Donald Trump as the POTUS.

I wish them all the luck in getting him out of The White House. 

The world will flourish with love by your decision that you make on November 3, 2020. We count on you.





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  1. Doctor Deicidal Avatar
    Doctor Deicidal

    How much is Joe Biden paying you to write this?

    1. iDineshRoy Avatar

      Not a penny so far. ?

      I’m just doing a favor for some Americans.

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