50 reasons why the US shouldn’t vote Trump

The internet is full of facts and evidence. You may fact-check every reason that I mention here.

Trump has contributed a lot to improve the economy of the United States, but here are plenty of reasons why he doesn’t deserve to be voted by any nation-loving citizen.

  1. Trump discussed to trade Puerto Rico with Greenland referring Americans of Puerto Rico “poor”.
  2. Trump compromised the security of the United States several times when he had to act for the people who didn’t vote for him. (Eg. California fires)
  3. Trump banned Huawei which took away the freedom of global growth and competition of an organization. It hugely impacted the mutual growth and scalability of the US-based organization Google (as many devices couldn’t have Android OS on them). 
  4. Trump didn’t act for major global risks that seek urgent attention, such as Climate change and global warming.
  5. Trump lied every day when he spoke or tweeted something. Several times, the proportion of lies in his speech were more than the truth in his statements. Until January 2020 Trump had lied 16,241 times.
  6. Trump denied knowing several people (Eg. John Lewis because he didn’t attend Trump’s inauguration) when there have been several occurrences of Trump tweeting about John.
  7. Trump has lied on his 2020 campaign where he says “Promises Made, Promises Kept” but his major promise during the campaign was to build the wall on Mexico’s fund. Neither Mexico paid for it, nor the wall hasn’t been built completely.
  8. Trump supported Roger Ailes in his tweet, who had been fired from Fox News for several sexual misconducts at the workplace. 
  9. Trump’s tweet has been flagged and removed by Twitter for writing misleading tweets with no facts and shreds of evidence.
  10. Trump wants to delay the election (which never happened in the history of the United States) to stay longer in The White House.
  11. Trump lied about the number of Americans who died in the hurricane in Puerto Rico. The actual deaths: 2975, Trump’s number: 6 to 18 deaths
  12. Trump got impeached in an attempt to interfere with the 2020 US election.
  13. Trump downplayed Coronavirus for too long.
  14. Trump didn’t take any major actions to prevent the spread, instead expressed his willingness to go out on rallies during the pandemic.
  15. Instead of taking the responsibility to aware people of the Coronavirus, he consistently said that Hydroxychloroquine (a medicine not prescribed by the doctor) is the cure to Coronavirus, and “I am taking it”. This led to more health issues in people.
  16. He seemed to have no idea what Science means and what doctors, scientists, and health workers do. He never supported the wear of masks and lied about himself putting the mask but never did in public.
  17. Trump has no idea of what medicine, technology, and research can do. He said that the virus would just go away.
  18. Several people died of the carelessness in America because they listened to Trump saying “This country should open and we should go back to rallies.” Trump saying this led to the massive spread. His supporters died. Their children blame Trump.
  19. RVAT is turning into a huge movement.
  20. He childishly got mad and wrote so many tweets when Michelle Obama during DNC 2020 said, “He is not the right president for us. If you think things can’t get worse, it can as long as….”
  21. He doesn’t like people disagreeing with him. Whenever people tend to have different opinions, he fires them. Staff under his administration have been replaced several times.
  22. He likes people neither because they are republican nor because they hate Obama. He likes and endorses people when they praise Trump.
  23. He calls himself the best president ever lived (“Even better than Abraham Lincoln”) though he failed in his basic work to protect the American lives.
  24. Thousands of Americans died during the pandemic and he went golfing to take out some time from work.
  25. Trump says all the news channels (WSJ, New York Times, BBC, CNN, etc) are fake as they don’t praise Trump.
  26. Trump loves Fox News because the channel praises Trump no matter what he says.
  27. Trump says that “Before he got elected, he used to get very few likes on his tweets, and now that he is president, he gets many.”
  28. Trump says, “Barak Obama is the worst president that the country ever had. He being horrible is the reason why I got elected.”
  29. He has no respect for his opponents. Instead of proceeding up with valid arguable points, he comes up with: Crooked Hillary, Sleepy Joe, Nasty Harris
  30. He wants easy questions to be asked to him. When reporters ask him an unexpected question, he approaches as: “First of all, you said that you’re gonna ask me an easy question. Let me tell you, this is not an easy question. I don’t like it. This is so difficult question.”
  31. Trump is not interested to take his job seriously. Celebrating a 100th day in The White House, he said, “Being president is so tough and busy. It is just too much work. I miss the good old days.”
  32. Instead of strengthening the relationship with other countries (eg. China) and making benefits for each other, he talks horrible things about China and creates a division among the immigrants.
  33. He misuses his power and whenever he is asked about quitting the deals or funds or support by Trump administration, he says: “See, I could’ve been a lot worse. I can be so bad to them, but I’m not.”
  34. He called DNC 2020, “Dark days of the country.”
  35. He dominates and suppresses the voices of people when he senses that they’re not going to support him anymore.
  36. During the presidency of Obama, the television show hosts had hardly a few things to make fun of the president. (Eg. Obama wearing mama jeans joke) Now they have so many to talk about the stupid things every day, to make fun of the president that they sometimes can’t catch up with all.
  37. Trump hates almost all the TV show hosts in America (Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, etc) and calls them “low rated”.
  38. Trump loves Americans (only those who support him on whatever he says).
  39. “The guy is horrible, extremely horrible. Very very bad guy.”, to the person who expresses conflicting thoughts to him.
  40. Trump had a slogan for the Election 2020: “Keep America Great” before he got into the white house to make America great (2016 slogan).
  41. Trump hates Americans. He loves Republican voters only who support him.
  42. Trump is a narcissistic person. He can’t tolerate anything other than him trending on the news. He wrote mean tweets to Greta Thunberg, a young climate change activist.
  43. Trump can’t handle his fear well. Now, in the fear of losing in the upcoming election 2020, he says: “There’s gonna be too much of fraud. Mail-in ballots are a scam. Let’s delay the election unless it is safe to vote.”
  44. Trump brags about him performing so well in his job but, he spends most of his time tweeting.
  45. Trump never takes responsibility for his actions. Trump blames others whenever something wrong happens in his administration.
  46. Trump has embarrassed the United States of America more than 100 times.
  47. Trump messes so many things up during the interviews and conferences that everyone under his administration has to worry about covering up for him and to say that he meant this differently.
  48. Most of the leaders of several countries have disagreements and no interest in co-operations with Trump.
  49. Trump is unkind and cruel.
  50. Trump has spread hatred and division among Americans, immigrants, and in the world.

There are several thousands more reasons why he doesn’t deserve to be in The White House. Joe Biden has plans to escort him out of The White House when he denies the result of him. Please write down your reasons in the comment section too. 

Let’s save the nature. Let’s save the earth. Vote Biden for 2020.





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