eSewa or Ncell? Who should I blame?

My money is stolen from my wallet, who should I blame now?

I had registered my eSewa account using NTC and I also added Ncell’s number to my account in the year 2015. Both NTC and Ncell numbers stayed deactivated (out of my phone) for a few months.

Later, I used the Ncell number on my phone but, it said deactivated, and then I switched to NTC.

eSewa was working fine, and I never bothered about Ncell. I got rid of Ncell. But, turns out that Ncell didn’t leave me.

Today, I lost NPR. 6300/- from my account because Ncell had sold my number already to someone else.

The new buyer logged into my eSewa account and transferred my balance to someone else.

Here I’m wondering, who should I blame now?

  • Myself for having Ncell number for extra added security?
  • The one who purchased the Ncell sim card and logged in to my eSewa and took my money away?
  • eSewa for not asking to authorize the new device sign-in on the primary phone number?
  • Ncell for quickly selling the number to someone else?

Many international telecom companies, keep the sim deactivated and don’t sell the same number to anyone else for at least a year.

None of the transactions on Feb 8th are done by me

Many of the international mobile wallets send the OTP code to the phone number and email whenever the sign-in attempt is made on the new device.

These transactions took place on Feb 8, 2021. For now, I’ve raised the ticket on eSewa, and I’ve been waiting for a response from them.

My ticket number is 484876.

Here’s the story of what happened after all this.






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