Need financial support for your idea?

This one is a quick short post to tell you how you can find the support of any kind for your ideas.

I had tuned in to one of the random channels on Clubhouse a few days ago. Later on, I checked out the name as it caught my attention and the name was “The Pitch Club”. Everyone could pitch their idea and get the kind of support they wanted.

What is Clubhouse?

It is a recently launched social media platform where everyone can join in to have a conversation in a very organized way. Everything is live. So, it is more like a zoom call, without a video, and is publicly available for everyone to join in.

If you join in a channel, then you can raise a hand to talk on the topic that you are interested in and can let everyone know your thoughts. Or, you can start your own channel where others can join in.

Financial Help

There could be so many other ways that you can get support for your ideas. However, if you need technical support, emotional support, financial support, or any kind of support that you are looking for, then you can definitely connect with the right, likely-minded person with whom you can collaborate on the right channel on Clubhouse.

The channel that I had come across regarding this conversation was: The Pitch Club. There are plenty of investors looking for the types of business they can invest in.

Our ideas could be in any phase. We might already have done a lot of work on it and some of us might be stuck in the middle of the project due to the lack of the resources that we want. So, in this case, from my very own listening experience, I witnessed the people connecting with each other by presenting their ideas and collaborating for financial support, no matter in what phases the ideas are.

How should you present?

You understand and know your idea. So, you can present it as you feel about it.

But, there are a few things that you should prepare on your end so that you can develop reliability and trust among the listeners. For this, I would recommend you to listen to the channel and understand how it works.

If you have thought of some amount that you need for the project, then you have to be very specific about the areas you want to spend on.

The project that I heard about

Right after someone from Europe had presented his ideas and got the kind of support he wanted, someone from India discussed his idea.

He was talking about his family-owned business to sell the dolls for the young babies. He wanted to take that to the next level. The concept was to make a web-based platform where everyone could rent the dolls and whenever a baby is bored playing it, one could return and rent the other dolls. This idea was to reduce the waste in the house.

He had demanded $50k for his project. He seemed unprepared in some areas as he was asked some detailed questions. But, he got the right support he wanted and also got connected to the right person.

I was so thrilled to know how someone can benefit from the Clubhouse.

However, if you have come across some other platforms where one can share and can get support for their ideas, then please, feel free to share about it down in the comment.

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