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Why I took a break from my job to watch the Apple Event live?

I took a break from my work and watched the entire Apple Event from the musical start to the summarized ending so that I can make up my mind myself about the new Apple products. Because the reviewers suck. And yet, this is another review. 😉

Watching every minute of it was costing money, and I already knew that I’m not going to buy any of the Apple products.

But, I watched it anyway, because I’m always excited and fascinated about technological innovations and how we are taking steps in making the progress on a global scale.

I knew what early morning web posts, YouTube videos, tweets, are all going to be about. Before I could consume anything from them, the reviewers, I wanted to think all of it by myself about how actually I thought of the new product lineups that Apple has to offer. Because the reviews can be very manipulative. And I wanted to have my own uninfluenced analysis of the products.

I’m very scared of being manipulated and even worse being manipulated by not even noticing. Before all the reviewers could make their judgments and shove it down my throat, I wanted to hear it and think it all by myself from the official launch event.

Obviously, some of the reviewers are going to talk about how few changes Apple has made to its products. And of course, some of them are going to talk about how the tiny feature is going to have a huge impact on most of the users.

Sometimes you don’t even notice when the reviewers are actually manipulating us. But yet it happens. To be honest I frankly don’t like the way most of the YouTubers are going to talk about. I mostly am going to disagree with them for most of the part.

Oh, and the fancy flashiness on the videos of Mr who’s the boss drives me crazy. He has sometimes very good things to say so I watch it. Even though I watch very little of his videos of him, nowadays I find him talking a lot about how much effort he puts in the videos and writing the scripts and editing and shooting and all that. I think he should rather make a SkillShare course and talk all about what he does in making the videos and what others can do.

It can be a good learning experience for others as well.

And also I know what MKBHD is going to talk about because I can resemble mostly him. It is one of the perks of watching him review the products for years. He has, as the matter of fact already have posted his video and just talked about the Apple lineup as expected. The minor tweaks and overall improvements on each of the products. The refresh rate (ProMotion) and how he is going to love it. And definitely going to mention the affordable iPad. He did all that.

You’ll find very few YouTubers who will give you an insightful opinion and will not try to manipulate you. Non-manipulative videos usually don’t go out well. Because people decide to watch it only when the video title and thumbnail and texts on them are provoking.

It will be really hard for you to find such videos in the present scenario because you might have already developed a habit that Google knows and its algorithm understands you enough to recommend you watch.

To me personally, if I actually had to buy any one of the products that Apple launched, then I’d buy an iPad because it is affordable and that’s probably the only reason that I can think of, now.

MKBHD’s video link | Apple About Environment






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