elon musk is upset with joe biden

Elon Musk is upset with Joe Biden

A few days ago there was an EV Summit held at the White House. Many of the electric car companies were invited to the summit including Ford and GM. But, Tesla didn’t receive any invitations from the Biden administration. And, no wonder why that is upsetting for the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Elon Musk and his failures

Elon Musk took plenty of bold decisions in his life to bring the electric car innovation to the current stage. There were so many failures that almost bankrupted Tesla.

It was obviously a lesson for other car companies. Elon stepped ahead in the game, made hundreds of mistakes and many others didn’t have to.

Whenever any car company makes any EV, they still think of perfecting it as Tesla. Whether it is about the Full Self Drive (FSD), battery technology, interior engineering, and now with the Cybertruck along the way (exterior builds) as well.

Tesla vs Other EVs

Hundreds of years old car companies may already have perfected how well they can design so many parts inside the car (seats, spacing, roofing, paints, and more about the final touches).

Tesla may still have to catch up in those areas. However, regarding engineering and optimizing energy consumption, it is way ahead.

Tesla had built the first car as a racing car (Roadster) in 2008. Followed by so many failures, it has launched millions selling Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Tesla cars are rated as not only the safest EV but as one of the safest automobiles in the market. There have been so many accidents and yet very few casualties.

Talking about the range, Tesla promises the longest range as compared to any other EVs.

Many users have experienced very few percentages of battery degradation over 6 years. Also, many of them also get better battery performance over the years due to the software updates.

There are so many other aspects that make Tesla an excellent EV.

Does the Biden administration hate Tesla?

However, the Biden administration, for some reason have been avoiding the existence of an American company, probably one of the fastest-growing car company in the world.

Biden is not providing the proper support and admiration for the talent in the nation. It can be very hurtful for the person who works so hard. It can be difficult for Tesla to keep going.

Elon Musk himself has revealed in the interviews that he is upset as well. However, he also has clearly has said that he doesn’t want Trump to be his president again. He wants someone who is neither far too left nor too far right.

It is really upsetting

For the green innovations to escalate rapidly, it is very important that the right person gets good and strong support.

I know how hard the Biden administration has been working on the infrastructure bill and other bills for the nation. But, undermining the talent in the nation because of some personal quirks doesn’t feel fair to me.

Biden had promised that he would work together with the Republicans and the Democrats. This is somehow a situation like that.

Elon Musk moving to Texas from California shouldn’t be a reason at all for the Biden administration to worry about.

Don Jr. tweeting about Elon Musk shouldn’t be any other reason either.

Before the division escalates, I hope it is settled well and settled soon for the good between Musk and Biden.





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