ultimate free webmail solution

Are you looking for an ultimate webmail solution?

If you are struggling with setting up email and are looking for a Google Workspace subscription, then I recommend you to use Cloudflare and the free service of Gmail instead.

You will be able to receive your webmail and send it from the webmail using your Gmail account and the feature of Cloudflare routing.

Cloudflare is a free CDN service provider. Before you configure your webmail, it is very important that you use it as your CDN for your website.

As soon as you activate your website on Cloudflare, I recommend you to go to the Email tab (*Beta currently). Then, request the Email Routing feature from there.

It can take some time to get approval for the Email Routing feature. I had to wait for several months to get this feature. They are rolling out the service quickly for more users, so I hope you can get this feature enabled soon.

After this is enabled, you will receive an email regarding it. It will say that the “Email Routing” has been enabled for you.

You can then set up the email routing easily for your webmail.

I have made a video regarding this.

Benefits of using the Cloudflare

You can create as many webmails as you want using the Cloudflare Email Routing feature.

The best thing about using the Cloudflare email routing is, you won’t miss any emails and there also will not be any delay in receiving the emails.

The emails will instantly show up in your favorite inbox (Gmail/Hotmail/other).

On top of that, the CDN service provided by Cloudflare runs on clean energy. You will also be contributing to the lesser carbon footprint to the atmosphere using Cloudflare.

Issues setting up the Cloudflare Email Routing

There are some chances of you running into some issues. Setting up routing to receive in the inbox is fairly simple.

But, if you run into the issue with sending the email, then please try enabling the SSL on your domain for the webmail.

There is an option of generating the SSL on almost all the cPanels/DirectAdmin Control Panels for free.

Please, feel free to put your issues in the comments. I’ll be happy to help you out.





6 responses to “Are you looking for an ultimate webmail solution?”

  1. Lorena Avatar

    Hello…I have a question I can´t resolve..
    I have a domain in cloudflare and email rounting active.. and a gmail account (not with my domain), that get emails sent to my domain but…how can I send mail as..??
    Gmail asks me for a password.. but there is no password..
    Can you help me please?

    1. Dinesh Roy Avatar

      Hi Lorena,

      Where have you hosted your website?
      You have to create a webmail on the cPanel of your host.

      That is where you can create a password as well.

  2. Roni Avatar

    my host on hawkhost,com. but we create cloudflare before goes to hawkhost. email already done. but set up gmail its always error already create webmail on hawkhost still got error on gmail sender setting . Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.

    1. Dinesh Roy Avatar

      While setting up on Gmail, are you using the same password as the one that you created it on while creating the webmail?

      If you don’t have the same password, it will give you that error. Also for sending the email, the webmail must be created on your host.

  3. Jide Ednut Avatar
    Jide Ednut

    Please I want know if I will first add and setup my custom email to Gmail before enabling and setting it up it on cloudflare?

    1. Dinesh Roy Avatar

      I would recommend you to set it up on cloudflare first. Please share the issues if you face any, so that I can help you investigate more.

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