Am I cruel to animals?

I don’t think I am. As a matter of fact, I love animals. I would want to pet all the animals that I love, but, yes I do want to see them around every once in a while.

Okay. The reason that I’m posting this is because of the video and the backlash that I have been getting on, on YouTube.

Here I respond to the comments.

Sorry that you got offended looking at the video. It is not something that I enjoy making videos about. Looking back at that old video, it does feel like abuse. I do remember why I had posted it, by the way. There had been fights between the dogs and cats that I couldn’t stop.

I couldn’t always be there to stop them from biting each other. And also, they sometimes seemed to enjoy it.

But, being more honest, I can tell you that, my little dog was a very calm dog. He was just a few months old and the little cat was always in a fight with him.

I wanted my dog to fight back.

It took a lot of time for my dog to fight back. When he did, I did feel a little satisfied that he is getting over the abuse by the cat. And that is why I had filmed it.

If you pet a cat, you might know how bossy it can be. I am okay about it now. I don’t know if I was okay during that time. We never had a pet cat, and its bossy nature always bothered me.

My thoughts regarding cats obviously have changed now, because I don’t have any hatred amongst them. It took me a long time to learn the nature of cats and how rude by nature they are to their owners or to anyone.

Now, I love cats. I don’t know if I would pet them someday, but yes, I am okay with their aggressive behavior. As a matter of fact, I enjoy them nowadays.






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