War in Ukraine

Many other countries have defended theirs before just like Ukraine is doing now. Thousands of intruders were defended by just a few Sikhs to protect their nation (India).

A few Nepalese defended Nepal from the Britishers to fight for their freedom. Several lost their lives. But, the stories of their braveries will live forever.

According to the news, Russians have not even been able to capture any of the cities due to their low fighting morale.

Of course, the “morale” is low among the Russian soldiers. Because deep down they know they’re fighting for nothing. And definitely, the “morale” is soaring high in the Ukrainian soldiers, because they are fearless to give of their lives to defend every ounce of their land.

Morale plays such an important role in winning any war.

This war is a result of a desperate man who wants to show off his power to the world because he stayed in the power for way too long. That all.

No wonder why the Russian tanks are accidentally being exploded by themselves.

Of course, they’re just following the orders. Obviously, they don’t want it.

It is not important just only for Ukraine, but for all the nations in the world, for a bully to be defeated. Otherwise, all the small, weak countries will have to live in fear counting their days of lives to end soon by the attack of any other country nearby without any provocation.

That’s how the human brain has worked so far. If a bully victor, the other bullies are encouraged.

I know how people on social media tend to take the sides. It is because they really don’t know how precious life is. And that we don’t get it again.

We all are going to die soon. And, as Ricky Gervais says, “there’s no sequel to life”.

This is not a point where one should show a devotion to the nation to which they can relate the most. This is the time to think about humanity.

Picking allies during a humanitarian crisis is like, not having a self-judgment and wisdom at all.

Let me share with you how social media responds to the war:

Russia shouldn’t have a sliver of encouragement for this disastrous action.

We Nepalese can see our future, only if “Ukraine stands”.

My heart goes out to all the Ukrainians who are fighting to defend their country, and sympathies to all the Ukrainians and Russian families who lost their beloved members.






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