Webmail to Hotmail Issues | Solved

Have you been experiencing any issues sending emails to your Hotmail from your webmail? Well, I recently have figured out the solution for the issue. I was facing the issue of sending the emails from my webmail to Hotmail. And I had tried to reach out to support to get the issue resolved, but I was unable to get it resolved for over two years.

After communicating to the outlook support recently, I figured out that Microsoft has permanently blocked some of the domains and some of the IP addresses, which cannot be solved unless Microsoft itself white lists them for sending the emails. And if you are getting the error message just like I used to, then you can get it solved.

During the communication, the Microsoft support responded to me back as this is not even eligible for mitigation.

They said that repeatedly and I said then that even the banks in Nepal, from the domains .gov.np and are not able to send the emails to Hotmail. So this issue is just increasing and increasing in my country. After constant communication, I found out that they could do this. They could actually whitelist that and they actually did whitelist mine and it took about 24 to 48 hours.

So now here’s the way to do it. Here’s a quick link where you can um, click and send all the details which will directly send the support request to the Microsoft Hotmail support: New support request (microsoft.com)

You should only send this support request only if you are facing the exact similar issue that I did, otherwise, you might not get the similar support. They might tell you that we have blacklisted this because they did not comply with our agreements, all this and that.

And in my case, I had just purchased the host from my hosting provider and suddenly, I figured out that the particular IP that I had received for my hosting provider had been blacklisted by Microsoft.

So, even my hosting provider was not able to get the support. They tried for months and months, but they were not able to give me any solution.

It took me a very long time. I was about to change my hosting provider, but it was gonna be a lot of problems. I had so many domains to move and it would have caused a lot of his stress for me because it could’ve taken days and days for me to transfer all of them.

But, now I have been experiencing no issues at all sending the emails from my webmail to Hotmail.

Tell them that you have never violated Microsoft’s email policy (if you haven’t 😉).

Even Kumari bank, about a few months ago had asked me for my Gmail because they were not able to send emails to my Hotmail. I hope they get it resolved too.

Please, feel free to share your solutions if you have solved them differently!

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