Experiencing Kindle

I bought my first E-Ink screen device about 49 days ago. I have been loving the way it looks and the insane battery capacity.


It was not my first time experiencing Kindle by the way. I was mesmerized before as well by its screen. It just felt like paper. Absolutely no stress on eyes.

Speaking of “stress”, my eyes have been very sensitive toward the screens. I think I can easily detect a better quality screen just as my friend Shankar can detect better-sounding speakers/earphones in seconds.

My eyes can tell well enough about how concentrated the pixels are in the small area quite immediately. Like a reflex. And, if it is not very good, I already seem to be bothered by it. The worst feeling it gives is, when I look at some best screens and feel like, technology hasn’t improved enough. This needs to evolve a lot because I feel the strain in my eyes when I see it. The low refresh rate of the 1917 movie in IMAX is one of the bothering moments.

E-Ink Screen

Even though, I have bought one before for my brother, I hadn’t used it much to experience myself reading on it.

After I owned it, it has been a whole different experience. I don’t read too much, but, I do try to spend more than 4 hours a week reading books on it.

Other than Kindle, some monitors as well nowadays come with E-Ink displays. It feels like something I might buy in the future.

Thief River Falls

The first book that I’ve read on my Kindle is Thief River Falls. The book somewhere said that it is a “thriller” and I was into it.

It is a finely written book and I’ve enjoyed it more than any books I’ve read so far.

I didn’t know that I would cry the whole time reading at least 3 chapters all the time. It was so heartbreaking and unsettling.

I’m still surprised by the way the writer could take care of so many small mysteries to unveil in each chapter.

I didn’t read it in one day or two days. I think it took me, just more than two weeks. And every woman that I saw around in their 30s felt like they could be a character from “Thief River Falls”.

The plot had so many things to unveil, that even after I had so much time to predict about it when I was not reading the book, I couldn’t make one correct prediction.

The mysteries in the book were so unsettling that I had to take a break every once in a while because the events were too shocking.

The most hurtful experience reading it was, the brutal truth. It doesn’t have a dramatic ending as you might expect from a typical movie. It is so brutal that it feels absolutely like a thing that might happen for real.

The Locked Door

Another suggestion from Amazon was the psychological thriller “The Locked Door”. It said “pageturner” and I took their word.

Reading this second book was an entirely different experience. Even though it was also a thriller, it had the brutality to the next level.

The story isn’t as mysterious as “Theif River Falls” is. But, it is a whole different experience that I absolutely loved it.

Yes, it is a pageturner. No wonder, why I finished it so quickly.

I can’t recommend this book to everyone, because not everyone enjoys reading crime books.

Because there’s a load of it.

Back to Kindle

If you’re planning to buy one, I would absolutely recommend you do so.

I think it helps us to procrastinate less and gain more focus in doing our daily activities. Experiencing Kindle is far different from experiencing movies. Your imagination can create the character as your wish and set the scene that is not limited by some specific “PPI” and “refresh rate”. It will be high quality because your brain is generating the images. 😉

Here’s my perfect Kindle recommendation

Here’s just for A$199 if the discount is over, it will cost you A$239: Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen





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