Is Phoebe really an important character in FRIENDS?

One day just sipping coffee, sitting on the couch, I thought, “maybe Phoebe is not that important character in FRIENDS”.

Then surprisingly I went through the tests, which made me feel wrong.

Phoebe is one of the 6 main characters of FRIENDS, a popular American sitcom that ran for about a decade.

It probably is the only sitcom that I haven’t watched from the start to the end. Just the clips. Probably all the clips, but still not from start to the end. Which I never do. I strictly watch all the series from the start to the end, if I’m watching it in a proper way or the normal way.

I even tried to watch it from the very beginning, from the first episode. But, because, I already have watched so many of the clips on YouTube, I didn’t feel like committing to watching from the very beginning to the end. At least not this series.

There are 3 male and 3 female characters. I felt all the male characters are very important and didn’t feel like comparing their importance but, the only character that felt unnecessary in the series felt like Phoebe. It’s not like I hate her, it mostly felt like she didn’t exist in the series very importantly. And just a couple of days later I went through the surprising test.

The Test

I saw a poll on YouTube that said something like:

Who would you rather have as your best friend?

  • Monica
  • Rachel
  • Phoebe

These were the options. I thought through it properly before I voted. The first option that hit me hard was Rachel. Immediately, I felt that she can’t be a good friend. She is so mean and makes everything about herself every once in a while. I don’t think I would trust her with my heart. She doesn’t feel very honest and can be hurtful as a friend. So, she ruled out first as my option.

Then, I went through thinking about Monica and Phoebe. Monica is so much better than Rachel. But, comparing her to Phoebe, was different. Monica could be a good friend, but she has a lot of OCD. That can be a lot of bothers. And, also she isn’t as naive as Phoebe. I felt like I could share absolutely everything with Phoebe. She would be the least judgemental and so much honest about her response. Her reactions feel so genuine. I would absolutely adore her as my friend.

That’s how my choice was, I got absolutely sure when I voted for her.

If you have ever voted on YouTube polls, you might have experienced that it shows the results right away as soon as you vote. Just as in Twitter.

I was shocked to see that more than 76% (not exactly sure, but definitely more than 75%) voted for Phoebe. It was not just me. Everyone else thought the same way.

Yes, and just as you could imagine, the second on the ranking was Monica over 15% and the rest was for Rachel.

It felt like, most of us want the same thing from a friend.

Would you vote any differently? Please, feel free to put your thoughts on why.





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