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Thief River Falls is the first book that I read on my Kindle that I bought about a few months ago. I have mentioned this on my blog before as well.

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This book came with an Amazon Prime subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, you might need to buy this eBook for a few bucks.

It is a Mystery/Crime/Thriller that has a very engaging flow with so many shocking mysteries that blows the mind throughout the book.

A Personal Experience

I don’t want to reveal any stories or mysteries from the book to blow the suspense for you. But, I never thought that a book could make me cry.

It is not just like I cried a little. No. I cried for so many chapters for so long. There were way too many heartbreaking turns of events.

I didn’t know that the writer of any book would have that much control over anyone’s heart. Brian Freeman stomped the heart so many times that I’m sure that you too can’t resist the tears from flowing out.


If you think there’s one suspense that reveals in the end and that’s it, then no, you’re wrong. It doesn’t just have one suspense, there are way too many from the very beginning.

It is surprising to know how the writer could even think of keeping that much suspense throughout the story.

The unveil of suspense is very gentle one after another and you would definitely fail to make predictions.

It is definitely not like some kind of movie that you watch. It is much more.

Stopped Reading

After every few chapters, I did stop reading for a few hours to a few days. Not because the book is not engaging or because I am a terrible reader. Well, I may be a terrible reader, but that’s not why I stopped reading after every few chapters.

Even when I had time to sit and read a few more chapters, I could continue to do so. Because, the mysteries that were unveiled were so shocking that it was way too much for the heart to take.

I had to take a break, because continuing felt more damaging.

Flawless Writing

I don’t think I am the right person to make this judgment. But, as this book was full of mysteries and I had so much to think about the mysteries when I was reading, that it shocked me how the writer continued to reveal that many without allowing the readers to make any correct predictions.

If you think, you are good at making predictions, because you have done it so many times before, in the movies, then I challenge you. Please, read this book and let me know if you made any correct predictions.

I’d be surprised if you could make a single correct prediction. 😉

Spoiler Alert

I still don’t want to reveal anything about the story to you. Because I myself don’t want to know anything about the story prior to watching the movies or reading the book.

But, still, if you want to know more, I would tell you one tiny thing. This is a story about a woman (in her 30s) who is trying to help a kid whose head is hurt and who has a bleeding head. She attempts to figure out what happened to the scared and lost kid because he doesn’t remember anything.

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