Going to the gym never made any sense to me

It’s not like I don’t like the idea of working out. I do admire the concept of staying healthy and fit. But, the gym memberships don’t make sense to me.

Pay to lose energy

When we usually go to work, we lose energy and get paid. For someone, it may be physical work; for someone, it may be mental work. In either work, we lose extensive energy and time for which we get paid.

But, the idea of is gym is surprising. We lose energy and we have to pay on a regular basis to lose the energy. This is nonsense.

It is entirely opposite of what it should be.

I don’t think I can ever think of subscribing to a gym membership my entire life.

Burn that fat

Gyms and trainers recommend burning fat. I don’t see the point of paying to burn the fat.

Someone has spent a huge amount of money on their food to get that fat. Why lose it?

Fine. You don’t want to suffer from diabetes. Right?

Just eat less.

That extra fat doesn’t come all of a sudden. It takes weeks, and months to show up in your body. It is not like, you woke up and see several extra pounds on your body.

You can always choose to control your diet.

If it has been too late to control your diet, then just do some physical work. You can always do gardening for your house. Try to find out what physical work you can do in your house. It will help you get in a good shape and also you will be making productive things.

Or just exercise at home. There’s no point in paying money somewhere else.

What could be changed

Gyms could be modernized and could be designed as energy generator systems. The human effort could power it and that energy could be conserved. And maybe that preserved energy could be sold. A certain percentage of the profit could be shared with the gym attendees. That is one of the business schemes that could be designed.

But, the current scheme is mind-bogglingly stupid. It feels like people are paying for overeating. People fool themselves by attending every day to get exhausted. Gyms have been turning people stupid.

So, to keep it simple: I will go to the gym, only if it pays me to lose the energy.

What has been done so far?

I saw a tweet a few days ago that showed that people jump on a treadmill to power a big screen. Many people exercise and they power the projector so that they can all enjoy movies as they do exercise.

They also talk about some kind of charging device that has been installed on the treadmill which can help charge the phone. That’s one way of conserving the energy in the right way. And obviously a very wise way.

Yesterday my colleague just told me that she pays $10 per week for her gym membership. That drove me crazy. I could never do that. I also thought that I could not talk her out of that because her boyfriend is the personal trainer in the gym.

I hope you buy a treadmill that can charge the power bank and help you save some money on the electricity bill. Don’t just go to the gym and lose money paying for the membership.

That’s all. Thank you for being my reader. I hope I did not waste your time. 😉

Have a wonderful day! ✌️





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