Apology to my friends about an Apple decision

I have recently purchased an Apple Silicon product M2 Pro 14″ Laptop. In doing that I have upset so many of my friends. I would like to say sorry to all my friends who have been upset with the decision I have made. I understand why you feel so. And, please allow me to clarify why I did so.

I had been using a Surface Laptop which comes with Windows and in the previous days I had used Linux.

I know how hard I had been slamming the Apple products for their insane pricing and the expensive apps that we had to purchase if we ever bought that.

It was not just that, it was more about locking ourselves, into the Apple ecosystem.

The way Apple has been trying to control the market is very strict and bounded. They don’t want their users to escape. We all had been resisting that nature of Apple and were using Android, Linux, and Windows devices to feel free. Until, I stopped resisting.

I bought an Apple product with Apple Silicon in it. That’s the purest of Apple and comes from the core of Apple. Now there are some reasons that made me stop trying this Apple product:

  1. Powerful hardware – the Intel or AMD-powered devices are not even close to the M2. They are way less efficient and enormously power-consuming than the Apple silicon.
  2. Bank for the buck – At this price range of the Apple product that I have bought, other intel devices would hardly be able to compete with the performance. Even if some very expensive processor would, in some areas, then that would take a massive power and a processor which would just not be efficient at all as compared to the Apple Silicon.
  3. Love for innovation – I love innovation more than I hate the Apple ecosystem. This Apple product is way more performing than any of the other processors available in the market. I chose what the bleeding edge tech had to offer.

This was a really hard decision for me. And it took me over 4 months to decide whether to buy or not.

Even though there are some more reasons, the above-mentioned are the important ones that convinced me. I am sorry, I just couldn’t deny the performance comparison stats.

Just so you know. I am not locking myself into the ecosystem. I still am free. I own an Apple Product, two Google Products (a Pixel phone and a home mini speaker), a Sony product (XM5), and a Kogan product (21:9 monitor).

I still am as free as I was. And, I chose to stay that way. Also, I still believe that a Pixel phone is the best bank for the buck in comparison to an iPhone. 😉

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