School Management System 1.0

Finally, I’ve launched it for schools. It is very easy and efficient to work with. I’ll be adding more features to it as I’ve made it for my dad’s school. And he will want to have it upgraded for sure.

What can you do with it?

  • Store the details of the classes, sections of the School
  • Subjects of the classes with corresponding FM and PM can be stored9-nitesh-kumar-roy
  • Store the details of the students of corresponding classes/sections
  • Store the marks of the corresponding subjects (as the storing marks subject wise is much important than storing the marks student wise)
  • Store the attendance of the students for the corresponding terminals
  • Quick generation of Mark-Sheet
  • Combined Mark-Sheet (Aggregate/Annual/Final Mark-Sheet) according to the effective percentages of the corresponding terminals (easily customizable effective percentages)
  • Grades/GPA for the corresponding percentage will also be shown in the Mark-Sheet
  • The entered records of students can be upgraded for the newer academic years also keeping the previous records of the past academic years
  • Representation of the marks in bar diagram as well, to show the guardians, the marks obtained in corresponding subjects of their pupils
  • Mark-Sheet can be printed in customizable sizes (usually two Mark-Sheets in an A4 page)

Free trial for up to one month.
Marked price N.Rs. 10,000/-
The moment you start using it, you will start loving it. Trust me, your school needs an application software like this.

“Your data is important. You will need it. Please keep it safe.”

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