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My Only Urge To Our Government | Nepal

Dear concerned ministers and the government officials,

Greetings. First of all, I’d like to admit that I’m very grateful to have you as our leaders. I know that life puts us in situations where we are not prepared for the obstacles. Those hurdles consistently keep us on deviating from our big goal. Despite so many hindrances that come in bringing the changes, you have been struggling hard to work out what you’ve promised to the citizens. I know that being in the position where you get to hear blames more than the appreciation of what you’ve done must make it hard for you to stay positive and focused on the work.

Somehow, I think technology plays a big role here. People nowadays just know everything. Every single news comes out and spreads in no time. Mainly negative news. The positive news that ever gets formed can’t make it to a huge audience. And that’s very obvious because human brains have a huge tendency to stick to the negativities. It could’ve been easier to lead the dumb lambs, who literally know nothing about what is going on rather than leading the people who know everything. Mentioning about everything, they have complaints more than the complements, they have more ways to point out the mistakes rather than appreciating any good. And even if they have to appreciate the good that happens, they have excellent ways to express their dissatisfaction.

If you’ll open social media to read out some appreciation of your work then you’ll fail. You’ll definitely fail. It may even lead you to the deep sorrow to read out the creepy thoughts of stupid people who speak without even thinking about its impact. And once you see it you can’t unsee it. To be honest, sometimes even I do it. I do express my desires and expectations from the government without thinking about the sadness it might bring to the reader who has tried hard to do things that he could. The main thing is, that’s how the people are. That’s how people have always been. Yes, now the technology has made it easier to hear from them but that’s what it always has been. I guess you know this more than I do.  It’s not very hard to imagine what another human brain can think and do after reading all those dissatisfactory news. You’re the smarter brain analyzer, my leader, you do know what I mean. But still, I wish you luck to maintain a strong focus on your belief.

But, this is not why I’ve thought of writing this post. I have an expectation again. Well, this is a kind of embarrassment that I’ve about our country. I do know that you have your own calendar plans to work on. You already have so many things to do. You don’t want to queue up anything more in your to-do list. That’s very understandable. But, thinking about my problem and seeking its solution, I don’t have anywhere else to go. I know where exactly the solution of it can be obtained from. And that’s exactly not by me for sure. And that’s why I’m urging this to the concerned officials to squeeze this task into their to-do list. Because, this is just not for me, this is for the sake of citizen.

Here’s the problem

How people in Nepal tell the address precisely: झपडतल चाेक पुगेपछि थाेरै अगाडि बक्राहा पुल आउंछ अनि त्यो पुल कटेपछी थोरै तल एउटा चट्पटे चोक भन्ने आउंछ । त्यो खासमा कृष्ण चोक हो, भन्दा ओर्दा चट्पटे भनिदिने मात्र हुन् । त्यो चोकमा पुगेपछी गोविन्दपुर जाने बाटो कुन भनेर सोध्दा पनि हुन्छ नभए ग्राभेल भको बाटो तिर ओर्लिदै दायां तिर हेर्दै गर्दा जुन दुई तल्ले पक्किको घर आउंछ त्यो चै हो है घर । छेउमा अर्को पनि दुइतले घर छ कन्फ्युज नहुनुहै । सुरुमै देखिने वाला चै हो । नीलो नीलो टाईपको कलर लाको छ, मजाले चिनिन्छ । चिनिएन भने घरको छेउमा हेर्नु, त्या परालको कुन्युमा गाइ बाधेको छ भने, ठ्यक्क ठाउँम आइपुगेको सम्झिनु ।

Even then, there’s some chances of you ending up knocking at someone else’s door.

How it is done in the rest of the world: 21 Earl Street, Windsor, VIC.

The possibility of you reaching to someone else’s home: 0%

It is not embarrassing just while signing up the online accounts where we’ve to enter the Street Address, it is also embarrassing in many other instances. Once, I had ordered a hair and beard trimmer from Daraz (which was Kaymu back then).


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It was worth waiting for the delivery! ☺️ @daraz_np

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I had to tell the delivery rider multiple times about where he had to deliver. In the rest of the world, even several decades ago people used to get their pizza at their doors and mails in their mailboxes. Mine definitely didn’t arrive at the door. I had to spend over half an hour asking him where should I come and meet him to take the delivery. That’s how long it took. Well, I’m ignoring the time of staying at home in the delivery day. I had to recognize him by looking at the color of the jacket that he had put on.

The online trading business is unable to grow because of this.

Okay, it’s not just about the delivery kind of things. Let’s say, someone has to go somewhere. In Nepal, there’s no Uber, Ola, DiDi or any other globally popular taxi services. And this is because of the obvious reasons that we don’t have a proper address. There does exist some taxi finder app. The taxi reaches to you after having the verbal conversation stating where exactly you are. And if you have to tell the address to where you want to go, this is how it is done in Nepal by telling the driver: यहाँबाट टेकु जाने बाटोमा, हेल्मेटको पसलहरु भको छेउकै रातो रङ्को घर हो, त्यही अगाडी रोकिदिनु ।

This is what Uber, Ola, DiDi, and Taxify can’t understand.

Let me tell you another instance of embarrassment. When tourists come to visit Nepal, they get confused when they ask the address and get to hear something like this: “Opposite to Global IME Bank, Thamel”. What does this even mean? And where exactly is it? Why should I know about the bank? Why don’t you tell me the address so that I can Google and reach the exact place? That not an address. That’s not even the address of the bank. What is this place? Why is everyone faking to know the address? Hundreds of questions pop in their head. Which can be seen in the Yahoo answers and a lot more in the Google search results.

I had posted a tweet to @hello_sarkar seeking for help.


This is what I got in response on gunaso.opmcm.gov.np:


When I got this reaction “स्थानीय तहकाे विवरण खुलेन। विवरण खुलाएर पुन गुनासाे गर्नुहाेला।” from the government officials, I thought of clarifying the details of the question that I had asked. I hope this is understandable.

An attempt to rephrase

“When can we have street names and home with the numbers everywhere so that they can be identified exactly by the street address:
Eg: 67 Rangeli Rd, Biratnagar (67 identifying the home in the street with name Rangeli Road followed by Municipality/State/Province/whatever_suits).

Making everyone to have a mailbox with the home number on it in the front yard of every home should simplify everything.”

I hope the present government will find the required resources and knowledge to implement this. I have a strong belief that it will revolutionize the posting system in Nepal having hundreds of areas positively impacted by this.

Thank you for your time, if you cared enough to read this. Have a lovely day.


A Common Citizen








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