My Racist Friend

Several of my friends turned into acquaintances. Many of them are good friends. One of them is racist. I guess many of them are racist. But, I am talking about this particular friend. Because she’s a proud racist. I call her a proud racist, because, she has a proper understanding of how racist she is.…… Continue reading My Racist Friend

India-Nepal border incident | Sikti

I returned back safely as I wanted to. Before that, I got involved in an incident at the India-Nepal border. Time: 2021/07/23 – about 9:30 AM, for 15 mins (approx.) I had parked my bike, where I always used to. It was in between the India-Nepal border. If you’d do the precise maths, you could…… Continue reading India-Nepal border incident | Sikti

Health Insurance in Nepal

Health services in a country reflect a lot about how happy the citizens are. There are several countries, despite having a good GDP, citizens are unable to have a better Medicare facility. Even if some have all the facilities, the citizens may not be able to afford them. Unexpected expenses can severely impact the normal…… Continue reading Health Insurance in Nepal