That Monotonous Way

When they say, “चार जनाको समूहले अन्धाधुन्ध गोली प्रहार गर्दा २०० जना भन्दा बढिको मृत्यु भएको छ” in the same monotonous way as they say, “राष्ट्रभर होली धुमधामका साथ मनाइँदै”, it feels somehow funny, but I’ve always loved it.

As the news has been coming out from plenty of sources on the internet nowadays, it is scary the way they show it. They may be showing their analysis instead of just showing the events and directing us to think the way they want us to. And people might not even realize the freedom that is snatched off of them, the freedom to think.

Those beautiful floating texts with the pleasing background score and the news, filled with emotions. Leaving people no choice other than to submerge into the flow they are in. Very few people can make out of the box even after watching the news. I’ve seen the people doing aftermaths. How easily people are manipulated!?

To all the reporters, I want to say, just telling the facts alone is entertaining. We have plenty of movies to watch, for more fun. Sometimes it may be difficult to have no emotional reactions to the events, but that’s not your job to show the story that you’re desperate to show in your way.

Here’s a tip for you all. I hope this helps. Whenever you find yourself in a difficult position and feel like acting unreal, consider yourself being in a situation of an air hostess who has to calm down the passengers of a plane who’re freaking out watching the smoke coming from the engine.

“Dear passengers, I understand that you all have been trying to know what’s going on. Now the proper time has come to tell you the truth. There has been a tiny bit of a problem. We have lost one of our engines’ by an explosion a few minutes ago. But, lucky we’ve got one more still running very fine. We’re trying to drain the fuel as much as we can before we land as there’s a small possibility of a crash landing. We apologize that we won’t be able to take you to your destination as we will be landing at Shek Kong airport shortly. Please sit tight, the captain will have an announcement for you all soon. Thank you.”

If she flying 39,000 feet above the ground can tell that, then remember that you’re on land. It’s not that hard to control the emotions. Hundreds of thousands of people hear the news and you have no right to have an emotional control on them whether you do it intentionally or not.

PS This post has nothing to do with the Indian news media/reporters. Please ignore this post. You’re already on the next level.






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