India-Nepal border incident | Sikti

I returned back safely as I wanted to. Before that, I got involved in an incident at the India-Nepal border. Time: 2021/07/23 – about 9:30 AM, for 15 mins (approx.) I had parked my bike, where I always used to. It was in between the India-Nepal border. If you’d do the precise maths, you could…… Continue reading India-Nepal border incident | Sikti

That Monotonous Way

When they say, “चार जनाको समूहले अन्धाधुन्ध गोली प्रहार गर्दा २०० जना भन्दा बढिको मृत्यु भएको छ” in the same monotonous way as they say, “राष्ट्रभर होली धुमधामका साथ मनाइँदै”, it feels somehow funny, but I’ve always loved it. As the news has been coming out from plenty of sources on the internet nowadays, it…… Continue reading That Monotonous Way