Drown down the voices of minorities today and wait for the bloodshed tomorrow | Bheri River Incident

Dear house of representatives,

If you fail to take the action against those over 100 people, you’ll turn the nation into the slaughterhouse.

There may be hundreds of wrong from either side, but the bigger picture clearly shows what the undermined unacceptable event has taken place. Everything is crystal clear. If the current government fails to address the current issues, then the government should better wait for revenge from those who are expecting justice. And the revenge is vicious.

In most cases, if a group of people makes a decision, then that is supposed to be acceptable. We all humans believe in the strength of unity. But, the recent event where the public massacre of harmless boys by a group of stone-throwers took place, which very clearly justifies the intentions of the villagers, is not acceptable in any way by the nation which addresses all the castes, religions, ethnicity as same in the constitution.

The constitution of Nepal is for all the citizens and the law treats everyone equally. Every child in the school has learned this lesson. When those children grow and come to realize how contradicting events have occurred, discrimination and hatred will implant in that growing brain. We know what the obvious outcomes could be.

Drown down the voices of minorities today and wait for the bloodshed tomorrow. Throw away tiny putter fishes in the water and expect to catch it tomorrow. Fail to take action against the minorities today and wait for the nation to turn into the slaughterhouse tomorrow.

A Nepali waiting for the voice to be heard






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