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Work Remotely Earn More | Land on your first job

I’m earning $220+ per week online. I’ve just started a week ago and I thought to share the idea with you as well. You can do the same and earn a lot more.

As you can read this, you can conveniently read English. If you can write and speak fluent English as well, then several job opportunities are waiting for you.

Many Nepalis are desperately looking for a job and even those who find don’t get paid enough. Even in the Kathmandu valley, a city with plenty of opportunities, you don’t get a decent salary for the work you do.

Talking about “decent salary”, most of the Nepalis are okay to work if they get over NPR. 20,000/- per month as their basic starting salary. Some can even compromise for less. Despite a lot of hard work and a good degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s), you might not find a decent paying job.

Without further ado, let me give you some tips that can help you earn a decent amount. And going abroad far away from your home to make money may not even come to your mind.

If you have good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills then there are hundreds of types of work ready to offer you decent pay and even long-term work.

If you’re coming across many questions in your mind already, then let’s take it one at a time.

What are the minimum requirements that one must have?

  • Fluent English LSRW skills
  • A computer with a reliable internet connection
  • A passport (for identity verification)

Where to find such work?

There are plenty of websites that offer freelancing jobs that can help you work remotely from your home for them.

Some popular are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and there are several more.

Out of all these, I’m going to tell you the tips on how to get jobs on Upwork.

You might be desperate in the search for a job. But, there are many things that you have to do before searching. So please be patient and do everything right to get hired online.

How to get started with Upwork?

You will need to sign up and create a profile in the best possible way you can. You need to put your academic details, work experiences(optional), and more details. Create a “General Profile” and also the “Specialized Profile”.

Failure in creating a good profile can restrict you to even get your profile approved on Upwork.

No one knows how well you can work or how smart you are. Your profile needs to showcase the viewers a sense of reliability on you.

Spend the most time in creating a good profile.

What after the profile is approved?

As a new user, you will have 20 connects to spend to submit the proposals. You have to spend the connects very wisely as you will need to purchase more connects.

There are plenty of works that you might have the knowledge to work on. But, at first, getting hired and getting some reviews on the profile is the most important thing that you need in the beginning.

How to search for the right job?

You have to search for the jobs that are looking for “Entry Level” workers. Such jobs don’t get paid more but you are more likely to get hired for such jobs.

Even when you apply in such roles, it is very important to consider that there are many of them submitting proposals to get hired.

What is the right job?

You can get started to look up job roles for data entry officers, virtual assistants, and several more if you don’t have any other skills. There are thousands of jobs open on Upwork for such roles.

And several thousand apply for such roles every day.

In selecting the job to submit the proposal, you must consider the following:

  • You need to find a job which is posted recently
  • The job shouldn’t have more than 5 submitted proposals
  • Ensure that no one is being interviewed
  • A payment method “verified” is more reliable and genuine work

How to submit a good proposal?

You must develop reliability with the client in writing the proposal.

Your proposal needs to make them believe that you have read all their requirements (not just the job role) and you have confidence in taking the role. Explain the knowledge that you have regarding that field and 

If they already have mentioned the hourly price in the offering, then you just take the least value (say $4-$5/hr then take $4).

I’ve written a post about the proposal that landed me on my first job.

What’s next?

If the client is interested in you, then you might be asked to appear in an interview (textual, oral, or video-based). If you keep up your confidence and answer his/her questions, then you may be offered a job.

Accept the offer and you’re hired.

If you’re on an hourly based work, it will be monitored via the desktop app. It will continuously send the screenshots to the Upwork and you can even see them in your work diary.

Your performance on the work will solely determine if you get your contract extended. You need to maintain a good relationship with the client to get a good review of the work. That will help you to get more works on Upwork.

Let me know if I can help you with anything in the comment section below. Good luck with freelancing.

I hope you earn a hell lot of money.

If you need some help with your profile, you can let me know via the form below.





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